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Why are iPhone locked? Or, what does it mean "iPhone unlock based on IMEI"?

Apple occasionally blocks iPhones for specific cellular carriers based on individual IMEIs. This blocking is primarily for iPhones from carriers who have an exclusive agreement to distribute Apple devices in their respective country. Some carriers permit unlocking only while in contract, and others at any time but with a fee. The process in which the status of an iPhone is determined occurs during the activation of the iPhone, either via iTunes or WiFi. This means the block and unlock is done completely via the Internet and the iPhone's software.

We offer you the ability to unlock iPhones through the access and modification of Apple's servers (which contain the iPhone unlock status).

We offer the cheapest unlock for iPhone locked in worldwide carriers - networks:

  •       O2, Vodafone, Three, T-Mobile, Orange, Netcom, Simobile, Mobilkom, A1
  •       Swisscom, Sunrise, Movistar, Telenor, SFR, Bouygues, Fido, Telus, Koodoo
  •       AT&T, Verizon, Sprint
  •       a more

We can factory unlock any iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C and 5S

This way of unlock is the best, the fastest, the most reliable and the most secure

Unlocking takes place on the basis of IMEI. IMEI of your iPhone will be permanently recorded in the database as unlocked apple iphone.

Unlock is permanent - permanent for all carriers and all firmwares.

There is no need for software or hardware intervention or jailbreak..

Warranty on the iPhone remains intact.

IMEI unlocking is performed remotely, so we do not need to have your iPhone physically in hands.

If you do not know the country of origin for your iPhone, we can check it for you, just fill the form.

Why is pay in advance ?

Payment in advance is required because the IMEI unlock is permanent. That simply mean, if we unlock your iPhone, and you decide not to pay, you will get unlocked iPhone and we will lose money.

What if unlock is not successful ?

Probability of unsuccessful unlocking is less than 1%. In that case, your paid money will be fully refunded. We can also offer other forms of unlocking, which could be acceptable for you.

Why should I trust you ?

We have been in unlockig business for seven years. We have never we never mislead or lie to the customer. You will not find even one negative reference to our site on internet. Our motto is honesty and transparency.

Where can I find IMEI in my iPhone ?

iPhone IMEI can be found directly in the iPhone settings. We have prepared a short video guides for how to find IMEI. Never send IMEI from the box or warranty card. It may be different from what it is in fact the iPhone.
Video guides.

I know the IMEI, but I do not know carrier.

Not a problem. In the form write requests that you do not know the IMEI. We will check the IMEI and we will send you a offer to your email, or you can purchase a service for carrier finding  

Why are you operating just online ?

Online store reduces our costs. Lower costs can reduce the price for unlocking we offer. Unlocking via IMEI will be performed electronically, and for this reason, it is not necessary physical contact with iPhones and customers. If the customer requires contact, we have a branch in Bratislava.

Some of our customer references

Terms and conditions about unlocking

Contract with the end customer ifone.sk is shown below : Make sure that you read the entire contract , and CAREFULLY before you accept it . As a basic form of acceptance of this agreement shall be understood to accept our offer of payment of the fee offered by us . Payment of a fee accept the terms of the contract. If you do not agree to the terms , please do not enter any requirement or order .

General terms and conditions
1. Information about our services , you can not offer further without our permission .
2. All brand names belong to their respective owners of these brands , and we are not in any conjunction with them . The names we use for educational and informational purposes only.
3. Duration of the services listed on our website are based on average values ​​. But in any case , it is possible that the duration will be shorter or longer . For any delay we have responsibility . Delay could be in very rare cases even 30 days . Delays occur mainly in the summer months and periods of rest and public holidays in the country where the device came from.
4. We can not guarantee customers that the iPhone will be 100 % unlocked using our service because of some peculiarities of services and countries that do not guarantee 100 % . If the device can not unblock the price for unlocking will be refunded . We reserve the right , in some services , deducted from the refund manimupulačný fee . Customer shall in that case be informed of such already in the bidding mails .
5. Operators in different countries can be very strict . Within any of the following conditions, the operator has the full right to re- lock the iPhone after being unlocked :
a) the Customer ceases to pay its invoices
b) telephone / has been stolen
c ) the phone is still under contract
7 years such fact occurred , but such a possibility exists , and we are forced to warn customers .
Re- lock is not in our hands , so we can not be responsible for it , ever.

Ordering and cancellations
1. When ordering, you must choose the exact type of the iPhone and the operator you want to unblock , ie whose iPhone is blocked . Do not remove the carrier that you want to unlock the iPhone.
Just enter IMEI . Opisujte IMEI of the device , not from a box , package or SIM drawer . If the error unblocking IMEI commissioned by a customer complaint in any case we do not recognize.
2. After sending your order you will receive by email our bid and will include information on the exact price , the duration of unlocking your payment options and where appropriate, information on special handling charges . 3. The customer may pay the fee through
- PayPal
- Payment Card
- Transfer to the account
4. After accepting the offer of the customer , he will be sent to email or procedure . invoice for payment of a fee .
5. We enter the IMEI unlock after paying the fee and the funds credited to a bank or . PayPal account . At this point we make no exceptions.
6. Cancellation of the order after entering IMEI Unlocking is not in any way possible . IMEI is entered to unlock , after paying the fee.

- The buyer of the claim asserts that these general terms and conditions read and fully agrees with them .
 Country - column contains the name of the carrier country that your iPhone is locked to.
 Carrier - column contains the name of the carrier that your iPhone is locked to. The column contains a description of what models of iPhone are supported in the service. Column can also contain additional information:
       Out of contract - service support unlocking for iPhones that are no longer under contract agreement.
       Any iPhone - means that the service supports any model of iPhone.
       Clena IMEI - service designated for IMEI, which is not labeled in carrier database as blacklisted.
       Do not order - means that servise is not functional.
       Blacklisted - service designed for the IMEI, which is marked in the carrier database as a blacklisted IMEI. Read more...
 Price - column contains the price for unlocking the iPhone, the price is informative, therefore, for an exact price please send inquiry with your IMEI.
 Duration - column contains the value of how much the process of unlocking the iPhone takes.

If you are not able to give advice, simply fill in the order form.

Country Carrier Price Duration Order
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